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NUX Metal Core Deluxe
The Metal Core Deluxe distortion pedal has 2 high-gain tone circuit positions and 2 great tones: Voice 1 gives you a responsive, percussive low-mid with smooth high frequencies. Voice 2 features a balanced EQ, well-suited for maximum shredding with a big solid punch. It has Level, Gain, and, very sensitive Bass and Treble controls that allow you to fine-tune any tone. Metal Core Deluxe also has a built-in Noise Gate with an adjustable gate parameter.
  • hi gain distortion

  • 2 voices ( classic metal & extreme metal )

  • gain, level, bass, treble, voice1, voice2, tonelock

  • noise gate

  • true bypass 

  • usb firmware update

  • aluminium chassis

  • 9 V DC power center negative > 42mA 

  • dimensions (W x D x H): 122 x 72 x 47 mm


€ 79,00

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