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“Salt Air, Dry Brush, Ocean Waves, Misted Forests, Weathered Boulders. Our home, California, inspires the design that sculpts the shape and timber that make D’Ambrosio Series.”

                                    OTTO D’AMBROSIO

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The Eastman D’Ambrosio Series, designed and built in California, pays homage to the enduring Golden State tradition of innovating right to the edge. With beautifully worn curves echoing the coveted coastline and a player-centric design, the D’Ambrosio Series may feel comforting and familiar.

However, these are unique instruments where innovation blends with tradition. When something new also feels reassuringly familiar in an old-fashioned way, you know you’ve found a new home. D’Ambrosio guitars carry on the heritage of matching California design with down-to-earth playability.

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            Introducing the 

      MORE TONE, More Sustain, More Stability


The FullerTone neck fulfills this ambition, securing unprecedented three-times greater neck-to-body contact for unhindered resonance transfer. The gracious body geometry cradles the neck in perfect harmonious position, secured by two machine-threaded screws locked into steel anchors embedded in the neck. The complete design is a fusion of old-world craftsmanship and modular versatility—the first bolt-on neck tuned to rival the sustain and stability of a set-neck guitar. 
With the Fullertone neck, Otto’s vision for a guitar with seamless tonal continuity, from headstock to bridge, is fully realized; maximizing its tonal potential.

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