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Blackstar Silverline Stereo Deluxe

  • MODEL: silverline deluxe

  • POWER: 100 watt

  • SPEAKER: 2 x 12" celestion v-type speaker

  • AMPSIMULATION: clean warm, clean bright, crunch, super crunch, od 1 and od 2

  • CONTROLS: voice, gain, volume, bass, middle, treble, isf, response, effects type, effects level, resonance, presence, master

  • RESPONSE: Response control based on patented TVP technology accurately reproduces the nuances of classic power amp circuits (EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, KT88)

  • EFFECTS: modulation, delay, reverb

  • PRESETS: up to 128 presets ( with foot switch )

  • INTERFACE: mini usb for recording and re-amping

  • SPECIALS: MP3/line in and emulated out/phone jacks deliver studio-ready tone for 'silent' practice

  • MIDI: midi input for prg change or parameter change

  • SOFTWARE: INSIDER software unlocks deep-editing features and patch management/sharing

€ 829,00

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