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Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 Head

When it comes to tone and that all-important ‘feel’ factor, great valve amps rightfully remain the ‘gold standard’. The trouble is that great ones capable of delivering 50 Watts or more are all back-breakingly heavy. Until now… enter St. James Series – the lightest 50 Watt valve guitar amps on earth.​

St. James amps are packed with cutting-edge features to deliver class-leading recording performance. From 50W, 2W and SAG switchable power modes, to an inbuilt reactive load that routes the post-power valve output signal to the amp’s three direct recording outputs (XLR, Stereo Line-Out and USB) for truly authentic ‘amp-in-a-room: feel. The sound from these recording outputs is derived from Blackstar’s state-of-the-art and fully customisable CabRig™ DSP speaker simulator.

  • MODEL: st james 50

  • POWER: 50 watt


  • PREAMP VALVES: 2 ecc83


  • CONTROLS: bass, middle, treble, reverb, vol I, vol II, gain II, master

  • VOICE/BOOST: channel II 

  • EFFECTS: reverb

  • POWER REDUCTION: 50w/sag/2w

  • FX LOOP: series (switchable level)

  • DI OUT: xlr cab rig dsp out (built-in reactive load)

  • DIGITAL OUT: usb audio

  • SPEAKER OUT: 16 ohm, 8 ohm

  • FOOTSWITCH: 2 way footswitch ( included )

  • WEIGHT: 6,7 kg



€ 899,00

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